Markers and Monuments

At Fullerton Funeral Homes we offer many styles and types of permanent memorials to mark the graves of your loved ones.

This is the one item that is really "cut in stone". Markers can be plain in design or a culmination of many personal aspects of a persons life. Markers (normally flush to the ground) may be made of granite or bronze. Bronze markers can be set in cement or attached to a flush granite base. These markers cost from the low hundred's to over $1000, but the cost is dependent on the type of marker or the color of granite that is used. Monuments will start in the mid hundreds or cost over $ 4,000. With a monument the stone is upright and may be seen from a distance or when we have inclement weather over the snow. Monuments offer a greater area of space for personalization. Markers and monuments may also be set at the cemetery with vase's for your use. Part of the charges will include cemetery regulations, and setting fees. Check with your cemetery to see what regulations they have for the type of stone allowed in your section. Some families that have chosen cremation as final disposition elect to purchase a marker to place at the location of their choice to commemorate the life of one who they cherish. For more information please contact us at 641-423-8676 or email to [email protected].